Name: Journeymans Houdini “Journey”

Breed: Connemara / Quarter Horse

Age: 18

Height: 15h

About Journey: Amy owned Journey’s mother and bred him in 2003. He has been an invaluable part of the lesson program since he was 4 years old. Journey competed through Training Level Eventing, but is now retired to dressage.  He is solid training level/1st level and schooling some 2nd level movements.

Name: Better Late Than Never “Sullivan”

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 16

Height: 14.3h

About Sullivan: Sullivan is a jack of all trades. He teaches pony pal lessons, is an excellent trail horse, and also enjoys getting out and showing with the more advanced riders.

Show Name: GWS Top Gun “Goose”

Breed: Quarter Horse



About Goose: Goose is a recent addition to the GWS lesson program. He had a very successful first show season, completing multiple Maiden Horse Trials and a Beginner Novice Combined Training.

Show Name: Deceptions Child “Vesta”

Breed: OTTB

Age: 15

Height: 15.3

About Vesta: Amy bought Vesta in fall of 2018 as a project horse for herself, thinking she would resell her in spring 2019.  However, Vesta is so sweet and has so much to offer that she has stayed to be a part of the GWS lesson program.

Name: Jett

Breed: Trakehner/Freisan/Arabian

Age: 18

Height: 16.1h

About Jett: Jett is leased to GWS Lesson Program.  Jett has a dressage background and is now teaching our beginner and intermediate riders the basics.  Jett has a wonderful canter to learn on and is also fabulous out on the trails!  

In memory of a very special pony

Name: Unpredictable “Shylo”

Breed: Pony of America (POA)

Age: 1991 – 2021

Height: 14hh

About Shylo: Shylo came into Amy’s life at 14 years old when he was an unpredictable project pony. After eventing with Amy for a few years, he became an incredible lesson pony who was deeply loved by so many students. He taught the ropes to countless young riders and helped many reach the milestone of their first show. There is a 14hh hole in the Gaitway Stables family, but we will always remember an incredible pony. If you have a memory or photo of Shylo that you would like to share, please send it to us using the contact form or on social media. We are compiling a tribute to Shylo.