Pony Pals / Little Britches Camp – This camp is for riders that have a zero to minimal amount of riding experience. Riders in the Pony Pals group will have private lessons, teaching grooming/tacking and under saddle they will learn how to find balance at the walk/trot and how to steer. Riders in the Little Britches group will have semi-private (2 people) lessons that will focus on continue to develop rider independence and control (obstacle course and team work will be a focus). Riders must wear a hard soled shoe w/ a heel, preferably paddock boots. Riding breeches or leggings (nothing loose fitting). Helmets will be provided. Bring Sunscreen, change of clothes, swimsuit, towel, lunch, water and snack. Cost: $95/Day or $375/week – Full Day (9:00-3:00) $70/day or $265/week – Half Day (9:00-1:00 **Before and after care available for $10/hr
Little Britches / Intermediate Beginner – This camp is geared for riders that are competent at walk/trot and trotting ground poles. Riders will have 2 group lessons per day; one on theory/technical riding and one fun ride (trail ride, bareback, games on horseback, etc…). Horsemanship activities will be offered throughout the day and will include: basic lunging, horse anatomy, horse behavior, and tack and equipment. Riders will advance their skills at the trot, be introduced to canter (or further their canter experience) and be introduced to basic jumping. Riders must wear paddock boots or tall boots, breeches or leggings (nothing loose fitting) and SEI/ASTM certified helmet. Bring Sunscreen, change of clothes, swimsuit, towel, lunch, water and snack. Cost: $110/Day or $400/week – Full Day (9:00-3:00) $75/day or $280/week – Half Day (9:00-1:00) **Before and after care available for $10/hr
Competition Camps: Geared for riders interested in dressage, combined training and eventing competitions. Each camp has a competition the following Saturday and/or Sunday, which the riders will be encouraged to participate in. For those interested in learning more about competition, but not ready to compete, you will be asked to attend the competition to support your fellow campers and to learn about the competition environment. Lecture topics will vary, but may include: rules/regulations, how to design a show jumping course, sports medicine for the competitive equine, how to judge a dressage test, how to analyze a dressage test, etc… Adv Beg Competition Camp – Riders must be competent at walk/trot/canter and jumping 18”. The Oaks D/CT will be the competition after this camp Intermediate / Adv Competition Camp – Must be competent at Intro Level Dressage, starting to canter and jumping 2’- 2’3” courses. Prefer riders to have experience competing at least at one dressage, hunter or combined training competition. War Horse D/CT/HT will be the competition after this camp. Advanced Competition Camp – Must be competent at the Beginner Novice Level (Beginner Novice dressage, 2’7” stadium and cross-country). Riders must have Horse Trial experience. WindRidge CT/HT is the competition after this camp (this is a recognized HT) Riders are required to wear: paddock boots w/ half chaps or tall boots, riding breeches, ASTM/SEI helmet, XC Jumping Vest (GWS has a limited number to borrow). No tank Tops (sleeveless is ok or tanks with thick straps). Riders will need to bring a binder w/ paper and writing instruments so they can take lecture notes and keep lecture handouts. Sunscreen, lunch, and plenty of water are vital. **Any additional costs to off-site schoolings or competitions are in additional to the cost of camp.** Cost: $475 week of camp (8:00-3:00) 25% discount on coaching fees for associated competitions/schoolings $15/night for stabling * (*if bringing your own horse – limited availability – bring your own hay/grain)